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Communicating with the membership solely through email, newsletters,

and the magazine isn’t enough in the digital age we live in.  Members

expect more! Sharing important news and messages online are

absolutely key to maintaining good relationships with our members, and

strengthening PORAC’s online presence and advocacy.


Social media allows PORAC to send out unfiltered messages, correct

errors in news reports and challenge false narratives.

Currently PORAC uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and has a phone app. As an early adopter of social media for the San Diego POA, I have a clear understanding of the benefits provided by this virtually free medium. I want to build a 21st century communication program for a world class organization; PORAC. It will require a complete overall assessment of our current platforms.

  • Evaluate all our current vendor contracts

  • What is working and what isn't working

  • Set goals

    • Positive stories about law enforcement

    • Correcting erronious news stories

    • Legislative advocacy

    • Keeping the membership informed about current news

    • Building an audience

  • Using metrics to our advantage

  • Integrating social tools and platforms to reach our goals and create impact

Some of the easy items that can be done immediately are getting the Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube channel verified.  Why is Page verification important?

  • It adds to the credibility of our page

  • It helps new likers to identify PORAC as an established and trustworthy brand

  • PORAC shows up higher in search results to attract more visitors, likes, followers and subscribers

PORAC currently has approximately 70,000 members but the Facebook page only has around 10,000 likes, Twitter has around 3,400 followers, Instagram has paltry 179 followers and YouTube is at 50 subscribers.

Fortunately, we do not have to reinvent the wheel but use best practices to maximize PORAC’s presence on social media.


Currently PORAC offers several types of training throughout the state.

  • Internal Affairs

  • Basic Collective Bargaining

  • Association Leadership

  • Advanced Collective Bargaining

  • PAC/Management

We need to offer two additional training programs, Public Safety Media Relations Seminar, similar to what PORAC member Association LAAPOA currently offers, and Social Media training, either finding a highly qualified trainer familiar with law enforcement or collaborating with a University and offer a certificate program.


We need to make sure PORAC training qualifies for POST credit (if applicable).


We also need to make sure PORAC training is audited at least once every two years to make sure it is current and we are providing the best training possible.

As an association leader, I understand we need to maximize association finances. PORAC should offer an online training platform that enables association leadership and future leaders to get effective training at a minimal cost. Through self-guided activities, personalized testing, and interactive certification exercises, PORAC can enhance membership training.

We need more cohesive Chapter training for Chapter presidents, vice-presidents and treasurers. This can be offered bi-annually at conference and symposium. It is vital we nurture future leaders. Quality leadership is a combination of the right qualities and the right training. This will allow for greater succession planning and maintaining the PORAC brand in the State and Nationally.



Fundamentally, feedback is a good thing. It allows us to hear from

the membership on what PORAC is doing well and what PORAC can

do better. It is tool that will drive better performance. We need to

survey the membership on all the programs PORAC offers, e.g.,

training, symposium, conference, and communication, etc.

Being in a dynamic profession requires PORAC to be dynamic in

the programs it offers. Having consistent feedback, analyzing it, and acting on it in a meaningful way will strengthen our relationship with PORAC's most important component, its members. It is vital we let the membership know what we have learned and how we will use it to guide us moving forward. Letting the membership know their opinions matter will strengthen PORAC as whole.



Marvel at podium.
People communicating.

"I am immensely grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to run for PORAC President.  My priority will be to serve the membership's interest with passion, dedication and appreciation for the crucial roles our officers perform."

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